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Providing treatment and rehabilitation of conditions affecting all parts of the arm from the elbow to fingertips.

This includes fingers, hands, wrists, forearms and elbows.

All our hand therapists are fully qualified physiotherapists or occupational therapists who have undertaken further training (both in theory and practical) in hand therapy, splinting, and rehabilitation.

Hand Therapy | treatments provided

We provide treatment for a wide range of conditions including:

  • Tendonitis and tendon injuries

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Joint and ligament injuries

  • Nerve compression and nerve injuries

  • Wrist, thumb and finger sprains

  • Tennis and golfers elbow

  • Sports injuries

  • Arthritis


  • Burns

  • Muscle strains

  • Dislocations

  • Hand fractures

  • Mallet Finger

  • Skiers Thumb

  • De Quervains

  • Scar management

  • Post-surgery care & rehabilitation

Hand Therapy | Treatment Options

Our hand physio treatments may include:

  • Exercises to increase range of movement and strength.
  • Custom made splints or casts to support injured structures and reduce inflammation.
  • On-site recovery assistance treatments including massage, acupuncture, and joint/soft tissue mobilisation.
  • Tailored rehabilitation and strength improvement programmes.
  • Guidance and advice on both work and home based activities.
  • Rehabilitation exercises to assist your recovery process.
  • Onward referral to medical specialists or investigations if required.

Our Comprehensive Service

As part of our commitment to providing fast, responsive and streamlined care, Hand Rehab has aligned its services with a range of locally based, key specialists. This includes hand surgeons (plastics and orthopaedics), doctors providing injections, and x-ray/imaging providers.

This means that should you require further imaging or specific procedures, we have some reserved appointments, to help ensure this happens as soon as possible.

At Hand Rehab we work closely with GPs, Plastic and Orthopaedic surgeons, accident clinics, ACC, private insurers and other allied health professionals.

We deliver ongoing hand therapy and treatment.

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