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Statement from Hand Rehab Regarding the COVID-19 Protection Framework

Hand Rehab is operating in accordance with guidance from the Ministry of Health.

All of our staff have been vaccinated as we are covered by the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021 which mandates the need for health staff as well as our support staff to be vaccinated.

As a health and disability services provider we will be using the COVID-19 Protection Framework (aka the Traffic Light System) to determine the precautions we need to take in order to best protect our staff and patients.

We do need to bear in mind when the rate of community spread is zero or very low, the risk of transmission from any consultation will be very low, unless a person is known to be at higher risk because they are symptomatic or a close contact of a confirmed case.  Therefore, those who are symptomatic or have tested positive will not be able to access in-person treatment until they are deemed to not be a risk to the health and safety of our other patients or staff.

This is why it is very important that all patients are asked screening questions at the time of entry to the clinic and patients answer these questions fully and truthfully.  Answering positively to a question will not necessarily mean that we cannot treat a patient but may require us to take additional precautions when treating them, such as extra protective equipment or a consultation by telehealth.

Hand Rehab requires that all patients and visitors over the age of 12 must either sign-in with the COVID-19 Tracer App or complete a form to record their visit to our clinics.

As a customer facing business as well as being a healthcare provider we also require all staff and patients to wear a mask.  We may wear further PPE depending on the risk assessment results.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hand Rehab provides physiotherapy and occupational therapy for hands. And it’s not just hands that we treat.

Our expertise is in providing rehabilitation and treatment for all areas of the arm; specifically from the elbow through to the fingertips.

As experienced hand therapists, we pride ourselves on our level of treatment and care. We provide the full range of physiotherapy support and advice to ensure your recovery can progress in an optimal manner.

No referral required

When booking an appointment, no referral is required from your GP or any other specialist

Full services provided

We are a registered ACC Provider, and cover all aspects of treatment, including custom fitted splints & supports

Video Consults now available

Following lockdown, we continue to provide video consults for new and existing injuries. Some ACC criteria applies.

Our Hand Physiotherapy Treatments

Our Expertise and Care

Our therapy treatments include:

  • Customised splints (where rest of the injured area is required to assist the recovery process)
  • On-site therapy including massage, acupuncture, and joint/soft tissue mobilisation
  • Tailored rehabilitation and strength improvement programmes focused on helping you return to work and resume your daily living activities as soon as possible
  • Guidance and advice on work and home based activities.

We provide physiotherapy treatments for:
tendonitis and tendon injuries; carpal tunnel; joint injuries, nerve compression and nerve injuries; sprained fingers and thumbs; tennis and golfers elbow; arthritis and sports injuries, plus more.

Our Comprehensive 3 Step Recovery Programme

Helping you return to work and daily living activities. Learn More.

  • Reduce Your Pain

  • Restore Your Movement

  • Improve Your Performance

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