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COVID-19 Update

We will provide regular updates of how we will support your care over the coming 4 week period due to COVID-19.

From Wed 25 March, for the 4 week period, we will continue to provide our services in a more restricted manner. For new and existing patients, we will continue to provide you care by Video (using Zoom or Messenger), or where that is not possible by phone.

For new ACC injuries during this time we can register your new claim online.

Updated 25 March at 11.10am

During the 4 Week Lockdown Period

For current patients and new patients, continue to phone us on 0800 776 500.  We will endeavour to answer your call at the time of calling. If we are busy with other calls, please make sure you leave a message with your name and phone number, and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Throughout the 4 week period our team will be providing phone/video appointments, to ensure we can provide best continuity of care. Wherever possible, your follow-up appointment will be provided with the same therapist that you have been seeing up to this point.

For those needing an ‘in person’ appointment, due to recently having surgery, or are at the very early stage of their treatment, please also call our 0800 number and we will discuss with you on a case-by-case basis the best option to proceed with your treatment. Also, please leave a message if we are unable to answer your call at the time of calling.

Over this period, be assured we will be working hard behind the scenes to ensure we provide you with continuous care throughout this period.

Hand Rehab specialises in providing physiotherapy and occupational therapy for hands. And it’s not just hands that we treat.

Our speciality is in providing rehabilitation and treatment for all areas of the arm; specifically from the elbow through to the fingertips.

As experienced hand therapists, we pride ourselves on our level of expertise and care. We provide the full range of physiotherapy support and advice to ensure your recovery can progress in an optimal manner.

No referral required

When booking an appointment, no referral is required from your GP or any other specialist

Full services provided

We are a registered ACC Provider, and cover all aspects of treatment, including specialised splints & supports

Your path to recovery

For optimal recovery, early diagnosis and treatment is key, combined with a tailored rehabilitation programme

Our Hand Physiotherapy Treatments

We pride ourselves on providing fully customised treatment programmes.

We provide specialised on-site therapy, customised splints and supports, and advise on at-home activities, enabling optimal healing.

Our Specialist Care

Our specialist care and hand therapy treatments include:

  • Customised splints (where rest of the injured area is required to assist the recovery process)
  • On-site therapy including massage, acupuncture, and joint/soft tissue mobilisation
  • Tailored rehabilitation and strength improvement programmes focused on helping you return to work and resume your daily living activities as soon as possible
  • Guidance and advice on work and home based activities.

Our specialist area of physiotherapy includes treatments for:
tendonitis and tendon injuries; carpal tunnel; joint injuries, nerve compression and nerve injuries; sprained fingers and thumbs; tennis and golfers elbow; arthritis and sports injuries.

Our Comprehensive 3 Step Recovery Programme

Helping you return to work and daily living activities. Learn More.

  • Reduce Your Pain

  • Restore Your Movement

  • Improve Your Performance

Our Physio Clinics | Greater Wellington Region

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