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 Hand Rehab Price List

No Referral Required

When booking an appointment with Hand Rehab, no referral is required from your GP or any other specialist.

No ACC Surcharge

If your injury is covered by ACC there is no additional surcharge that you will need to pay. All our treatment costs, including materials, are fully covered by ACC.

ACC Cover

ACC usually covers injuries that occur as a definite incident, whether this happens at home, work, or play.

Private Patients

First Appointment$80
Follow Up Appointment$60
Short Appointment
* A short appointment is to address a particular issue as a one-off / emergency and is not a full / follow up consultation.

Payment options for private patients (non ACC)

As a private patient you can simply pay your treatment costs either directly through online banking or by credit card.

If you wish to pay by online banking our bank account details are stated on the account we will provide.

If you would like to pay via credit card simply call us on 0800 776 500, and we will then charge your card directly. Please note that for credit card payments a 4% surcharge will apply to cover card transaction fees.

Note: Splinting costs are additional and the therapist will advise you of these during the appointment.

Our Cancellations and ‘No-Show’ Policy

A missed appointment or a ‘no-show’ occurs when a patient fails to give notice that the appointment cannot be kept. Please be aware that Hand Rehab has a ‘no-show’ policy. This policy is in place to ensure that patients are seen as quickly as possible.

Patients who arrive late, are a ‘no show’ for appointments, or cancel with insufficient notice, unfairly deprive other patients of timely access to care.

If you do not come to your appointment, or cancel your appointment less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment, a full charge will be invoiced to you.

Book an Appointment

To book your physio appointment simply Book Online or phone us on 0800 776 500

Clinics situated throughout the greater Wellington region and Palmerston North